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Best Cash Offer Guarantee.

We are the ONLY company with the “BEST CASH OFFER GUARANTEE”

  • Proof of Funds.
  • Earnest Money Deposit.
  • We Pay All Normal Closing Costs.
  • 7 Day Free Lease Back.
  • Free Cash Offer Comparison.

Peace of mind guaranteed in 5 different ways!

It does not make sense for us to just lowball you, we would never be able to buy a house! Our goal is to provide you with the best cash offer possible from the start that closes with certainty!

Best Cash Offer Guarentee | Move On House Buyers

Proof of funds

Proof of Fund Letter for Move On House Buyers

This is an example of a vetted cash like line of credit designed to support Move On House Buyers to offer, purchase and rehab residential property. This is very different than a retail traditional transaction in which the buyer request the seller to suppor closing costs, financing costs and concession/repairs.

[We have evidence of ability to close from third party verified sources] Often Cash Buyers portray themselves as direct buyers but do not have the financial means to close on your property. Only credible “We Buy Houses” companies will have a 3rd Party document vouching for ability and funds to close on your property with cash funds or non-traditional financing funds. These are not financial products that are subject to Appraisal Value, underwriter Value, Repairs Requested, Foundation Work etc. These are non-traditional cash access financial sources to offer, close and fund. Bank lending processes are not suitable for many of the properties, situations and timelines we often serve. Our main sources of funds to purchase are vetted lines of capital we have developed with both national and community institutions, cash funds in our business accounts or capital partners participating with us on these ventures. Just because an individual presents him/herself as a Cash Buyer does not mean that they wer. In fact, we encourage you to ask for Proof Of Funds on every prospective Buyer before making your decision. It is only the responsible way you will know access to funds are available to fund fo an As Is Cash Sale transaction. This is not an FHA, Conventional Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac product. Here are a few 3rd Party examples of what some of our Proof of Funds Letters look like:

$5 Million – Move on House Buyers Proof of Funds Letter – Lending Home

Proof of Funds – Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Capital Partner - Proof of Funds Letter

We pride ourselves with transparency and evidence, here is a 3rd party Proof of Funds Letter providing us the ability to offer, purchase and rehab residential property.

We also help our community and neighbours by supporting them and allowing them to participate in our ventures.

Earnest Money Deposit

TREC Purchase and Sales Contract - Earnest Money Deposit

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind and the easiest cash sale experience of your home with a Fair Cash Offer. What leverage do you have if a buyer does not perform as agreed upon?… The answer is EARNEST MONEY. We want you to know and feel that we are in this together and are willing to invest upfront in your peace of mind. If a Move On Cash Offer is for you, upon request we will sign a TREC Purchase and Sales Contract, this is the TEXAS STATE promulgated contract template. The TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) Purchase and Sales contract template is commonly used by the residential real estate industry including real estate agents and title insurance companies. In the first page of the contract you will notice there is a paragraph titled “Earnest Money Deposit” this is essentially GOOD FAITH MONEY delivered to the Title Company as an intermediary to be held in escrow within an allotted amount of time and credited to BUYER upon closing.

We Pay All Normal Closing Costs!

[Except for Property Taxes or Liens. Including Title Insurance, typically paid by sellers!]

If we work together we will offer the opportunity to pay for your closing costs and ours. It is very easy to focus on price but it is also important to understand the terms. Closing costs can be a significant costs as well as real estate commissions which we do not charge. Our cash offer is almost Net to you except for the property taxes prorated to the date of closing and any liens your property title might have such as [Mortgage, Contractor Lien, HOA Lien or Child Support Lien as an example]. We will also pay for a property survey if you do not have one, again we will make this easy and convenient for you! What is included in “Normal Closing Costs”? Well, let’s dive right in:

  • Title Insurance Policy – This is the title insurance policy sold to the buyer and typically paid by the seller in a traditional real estate transaction but we cover it for you… on the house!
  • Escrow Fee – This is what the title company charges to manage and coordinate the transaction between parties and transfer funds to cure liens.
  • Attorney Documentation Fees – Deed, Settlement Agreements, Disclosures
  • Government/County Recording Fees – Once the property sale documents are signed notarized, reviewed and approved by all parties and funds are delivered these documents are filed at the local county Authorities.
  • Survey fees – If you have a Survey great, if not we will pay for it!
  • Notary fees – We will pay for a mobile notary that can meet with you even if you are out of state. No issues! You can get an idea of fees by looking at a HUD Settlement Statement

In the attached example we saved our Seller $10,866.72 in Closing Costs Alone! WOW! Yes, it does matter to consider the benefits of a Move On Cash Offer!
HUD Example Cheena Dr_Purchase

7 Day Free Lease Back

[Get Your Money Before Moving]

Why should you move before getting your money secured in your bank account? If you are living in the property, would it be wise to upfront all of those moving costs before securing the sale proceeds of your house? We think not! We provide this free benefit for our sellers to provide peace of mind. It is not uncommon that after buyers and sellers sign on the closing date funds get delayed due to wiring and bank precautions, we actually advise to sellers by exception that funds may not arrive in bank accounts sometimes 24hrs to 48 hrs after closing. The fact is that signing the documents is only one of the later steps of the process. It will all then be reviewed by the title company for both Buyer and Seller documents, proceed to request any revisions if required, title underwriters will approve the signed documentation and then order wiring of funds between buyer, title and seller’s bank institution. It is all done very carefully to prevent wire fraud.

Free Cash Offer Comparison

[Shopping Around? No Issue! Free of Charge Neutral Offer Review is Available]

Have you received a cash offer on your property prior to our conversation but not sure about proceeding? Not a problem. We pride ourselves in allowing you to make an informed decision. No pressure sales tactics here! We are not retail buyers nor will we overpromise and not deliver so we fill confident in our Best Cash Offer Guarantee and will provide you with an unbiased review of whatever other written offer you have. We will Beat or Match any written cash offer in both PRICE and TERMS or give you a $100 Visa Gift Card. The reality of the matter is we work help sellers daily and will provide an unbiased review helping you make an informed decision.

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